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Kung Fu Class

Type: Weekly
Date: 13.09.2018 - 06.12.2018, Every Thursday
Time: 6:00 PM
Entry Cost: £6.00
Interests: Art & Craft, Sports & Activities, Community
Location: Chi an Bobel

Classes are 7.30 - 9pm

One class £7 or £6 for low waged. Two classes £12 or £10 low waged.

The style we learn is called Feng Shou or Hand of the Wind Kung Fu. It is a soft or internal style which means that there is no blocking or hard physical contact. Instead you can learn to neutralise the attacking force by turning it back upon itself. This means training the sensitivity so that you can learn to read someone's intentions even before they make a move.Rachel Simpson leads the groups. She has been teaching Tai Chi and Kung Fu since 1995.

You can contact Rachel by:
Telephone: 07910891294 or 01736 785826
Email: rachel@seahorsearts.co.uk

Beginners welcome to all events.

This kind of exercise depends upon relaxation rather than tension or physical muscular development. Lightness, flexibility and technique are emphasised and everyone is encouraged to train with a spirit of friendly co-operation rather than competitiveness.

Suitable for all ages.

We practice set forms as well as working with partners and after the class you will find you are energised not exhausted.

Come along and try it for yourself!

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