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Myths & Monsters by Squashbox Theatre

Type: One Off
Date: 21/10/2018, 23/10/2018
Time: 2:00 PM
Entry Cost: £4.00
Purchase Info: Tickets are available via Eventbrite at: myths-and-monsters-heartlands.eventbrite.co.uk
Refreshments: A Refreshment station will be availbable catering for all ages!

Where can you find a creature that is half eagle and half lion? Or one that is half goat, half fish! Or half horse, half human? Or half lion, half goat and half snake? Wait, that’s impossible… or is it? Not in the crazy, mixed-up world of ancient Greek stories, it’s not! (It’s called a Chimera)

The myths and legends of ancient Greece have been passed down through the generations, entrancing and fascinating people for thousands of years…


Now join Squashbox Theatre as he explores these legends of old, using a quirky and ingenious blend of puppetry, storytelling, live music and comedy.


Meet the brave heroes and immortal gods of ancient Greece, such as Theseus, Perseus, Zeus, Apollo and Aphrodite!

Encounter some of the mixed-up monsters of legend, such as the Minotaur, the Harpies, the terrifying Gorgons and the not terrifying-at-all-and-rather-silly Sea Goat!

Learn about the ways ancient Greece has shaped the modern world, from theatre and philosophy to mathematics and music!


Let Squashbox Theatre guide you through this ancient, magical world, using puppets, stories, songs and silliness – all presented in that unique Squashbox style!

I have consulted the mysterious Oracle of Delphi and seen the future: and I can guarantee that Squashbox Theatre’s new show will be legendary!


Showing on the 21st & 23rd October at 2pm come and join us for another hilarious performance from Squashbox Theatre!

£4 per person (18 months and below FOC)

Get you tickets by clicking here: myths-and-monsters-heartlands.eventbrite.co.uk


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