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Tai Chi Class

Type: Weekly
Date: 08/11/2017, 15/11/2017, 22/11/2017, 29/11/2017, 06/12/2017, 13/12/2017, 20/12/2017, 17/01/2018, 24/01/2018, 31/01/2018, 07/02/2018, 14/02/2018, 21/02/2018, 28/02/2018, Every Wednesday
Time: 7:30 PM
Entry Cost: £7.00
Interests: Family, Sports & Activities, Community, Students
Location: Chi an Bobel

A new class at Heartlands

Weekly Tai Chi Classes at Heartlands on Wednesdays

Classes are 7:30-9pm

The cost is £7 per session.

Subscription for members is £40 per year which also includes free insurance and membership of the Taoist Cultural Arts Association.

The club teacher is Chris Simpson who has been teaching Tai Chi since 1985 and established the University of Warwick Tai Chi club.

Chris lives in St Just, if you have any enquiries you can contact him on 01736 785826 mobile 07730 399389.


Heartlands Tai Chi Club

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise which is practised in China in the parks every morning by hundreds of millions of people. The slow and flowing sequences of dance like movements are performed for health reasons to boost the body’s store of an internal energy the Chinese call ‘Chi’. This energy can be stored like electricity in a battery, it can also be depleted by too much physical activity or stress and bad diet.

Tai Chi is suitable for both men and women of all ages and levels of ability so you can train with your partner if you wish. We also have a range of online resources and videos to help you train at home in between classes.

Chi is the life force which our body uses to regenerate itself, so a strong Chi means that we age more slowly. The Chinese have a saying “Why wait till you’re thirsty to start digging a well?” This is the same philosophy of prevention which underpins Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Studies have shown  Tai Chi  can help prevent the symptoms of heart disease, obesity, multiple sclerosis, ME or chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure and stress.  It also improves balance and aids recovery from falls and injuries. Tai Chi exercises can also help recovery in cases of Alzheimer’s disease by increasing concentration as well as improving memory, sensitivity, co-ordination and awareness.

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