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Diaspora Botanical Gardens

In the 19th Century, thousands of pioneering Cornish people emigrated across the world taking with them their culture, mining skills and technologies.

Through exquisite planting and fascinating interpretation, the Diaspora (meaning ‘dispersion’) Gardens within Heartlands tell the poignant story of the Cornish people and their influence on the lands to which they travelled. The gardens feature plants from Cornwall that rooted happily in foreign lands, as well as exotics brought back to Cornwall that took to the rich local soil, like gulls to the sea. These intrepid trees and shrubs grow in many of the world-famous sub-tropical gardens, collections and nurseries you see across Cornwall today. 

Bounded by water, each of the gardens is themed on continents and nations important to the story of Cornish migration, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, North and South America. You can ‘cross continents’ quicker than Concorde and stumble upon boulders bearing poems. As you meander through the diverse and unique flora, you’ll become fully immersed in the story of the maverick Cornish people and their indefatigable spirit.

Typically, the Diaspora Gardens is partially manned by volunteer gardeners. It’s a place of peace and serenity and adds another dimension to this larger-than-life World Heritage Site.

Heartlands Diaspora Gardens are FREE to enter and open every day of the year except Christmas & Boxing Day.  For guided tours, talks and events taking place in the gardens, click here for our events page.

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