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Local Attractions


Heartlands rises above the village of Pool which is between Camborne and Redruth. The village is home to small local shops, such as Knitcraft, Macsalvors and Cornwall Hospice Care, along with larger businesses such as B&Q, Pets at Home, Halfords, McDonalds and Tesco.  Local amenities include the Carn Brea Leisure Centre and Pool Health Centre.  Pool Academy is the secondary school based in Pool and was awarded Oustanding by Ofsted in 2009.  The Pool Innovation Centre located opposite Heartlands is a state-of-the-art three storey building providing high quality, flexible managed workspace and business support for start-up and existing businesses across all sectors, that have high productivity, ambition and the potential for growth.

Pool is also home to the National Trust property at East Pool Mine, and just behind Heartlands sits Pool Market - an indoor and outdoor market open every Saturday.


The setting of Redruth is dominated by the granite heights of Carn Brea and Carn Marth. Granite is an igneous rock formed from molten material generated at great depth blow the surface.  Vapours from the granite carried minerals into fissures in the rock before it finally set, helping create the rich minerals lodes on which the mining industries of this area were formed.

As the urban centre of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, Redruth is a great destination and base for exploring magnificent architecture, local history and globally significant heritage.  The attractive, pedestrianised areas in Fore Street make an ideal place to take a coffee break; from there and you can explore the delights of St Rumon’s Gardens, the Tinner’s Hounds, Murdoch House and the Cornwall Centre.  There is a thriving arts scene and the creative industries are borne out through public art and art exhibitions and galleries across the town.
For more information, visit the Redruth Town Council website.


The town of Camborne and it's surrounding area is one of the largest in Cornwall, with a population of approximately 22,500 people.
The tin mining industry was the lifeblood of Camborne in the early 19th century and its legacy can be seen in many of the town’s fine granite buildings.  Many of its industries served the hard rock mining companies not only in Cornwall but in the rest of the world.  Camborne is world famous for its links with the Camborne School of Mines and the former Holman Rock Drill and Compressor Company.
Of course, no information on Camborne would be complete without reference to its connection with the famous engineer Richard Trevithick who built the world's first self-powered road locomotive and tested it in the town. The folk song 'Camborne Hill' recalls the event on Christmas eve 1801. Every year, on the last Saturday in April, the town celebrates Richard Trevithick's achievements on "Trevithick Day". The streets are closed to traffic and are lined with stalls of every description. A great collection of steam tractors and rollers are not only lined up on display but parade on a route through the town streets. A great occasion not to be missed.
Camborne is home to many exiting shops and businesses as befits one of Cornwall’s largest towns, and is a vibrant place to live, work and visit. For more information on Camborne, visit the Camborne Town Council website.


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