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Educational Visits

Heartlands Adventure Playground Boat and Tower

We’ve learned a heck of a lot in creating Heartlands, from the stories of the miners who know the soul of the land like the back of their hand, to the local schoolchildren who helped dream up the epic Adventure Playground.

The best education is so much fun, you don’t even notice it’s sinking in. The key is interaction. We’re big on that here. You can experience all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities that teach you things in ways that make it stick in the memory.

Heartlands is a unique and inspirational setting to stimulate primary, secondary, tertiary and adult education. Please get in touch with a member of the team to arrange a look around and find out more about the facilities on offer.

Our educational package is, as one child put it, a no-brainer:

  • Interactive World Heritage Site exhibition – that shares the epic story of Cornish mining in a highly educational way covering geology, innovation, and social and industrial history
  • Diaspora Botanical Gardens – five beautifully different landscaped gardens that let you wander through Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, North and South America – each one a nod to a Cornish-conquered corner of the world where these people went once the demand for tin had gone
  • Totem Circle – small outdoor performance space, perfect for scene setting and staged performances by drama students
  • Eight acres of glorious lawn – for outdoor sports and games, packed lunches, wildlife trails and outdoor lessons
  • Chi an Bobel – large community hall available to hire for assemblies, packed lunch space, theatre and other activities
  • Indoor seminar rooms you can hire as indoor classrooms and workshops – named after local metals: Tin, Copper and Silver
  • Eco-learning – Biomass boiler, wind turbine and photovoltaics are all up and running on site to show how we can embrace the magic of renewable energy
  • Free coach parking and easy access from main routes through Cornwall including the A30

Heartlands is working with schools to invest in our future generations.

For more information, or to book a school visit, please contact 
a member of the team on 01209 722320 or info@heartlandscornwall.com

Download our Education booking form


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